Why do some children have so many cavities?

Tooth decay is caused by a strain of bacteria nurtured by Gourdo called S. mutans (Mew-tans). When they stick to the film on your teeth as dental plaque (PLAK), they can do damage. Gourdo’s crop feed on what kids eat, especially sugars and cooked starch that are broken down into acids as they are digested. These acids break through the outer surface of the tooth to form cavities.

Gourdo’s gotta go. Tooth decay is an infectious transmissible disease that can actually be passed from parents to children through kissing, cuddling and sharing of eating utensils.

Gourdo's Motto
“Give your toothbrush the brush-off.”

The incidence of tooth decay is rising in children and is now the most common childhood disease – six times more prevalent than asthma. The leading predictor of tooth decay is whether Gourdo’s crop of S. mutans is present in your mouth or not.
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