Slimy Johnson
Slimy Johnson
How did you develop that rash on your foot, hand and mouth?

This fearful little guy likes to find warm places to curl up and spread his charm. Part of the Enterovirus (Ent-ER-o-VI-rus) family, this SCUGS disease usually occurs in summer or early fall in infants or young children and is highly contagious (con-TAY-jus). Slimy produces from 1 to 30 spots in the mouth and up to a 100 spots on the hands and feet. It’s fun for him but NOT for you! 

Keep your hands to yourself.  Avoid areas that aren’t kept clean and wash your hands really well and often. See a doctor at the first sign of spots for treatment.

Slimy's Motto
“I love a crowd.”

Slimy can crawl into very tight places with ease. He is NOT fun to play with.
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